Saturday, December 13, 2008

100 Word Challenge: Anger

It's the bleeding hearts that get me, the screaming, thrashing, singing, dissident crowds, holding firm in the face of adversity. Break free from tyranny, they scream. The lollipop laggards stand back, mocking, laughing, squirreling away hidden admiration for the ones who stand. Crypto kids clap hands in code and shrink away in silence, live another day, anonymously blending with the passersby, watching from the sidelines as the riot gear cops push in.
Someone throws an apple and gets a beanbag bullet in the face.
You don't know anger until you see it bleed out the nose of a rebel with a cause.


Mr Lady said...

True dat, brother. Double true.


1) This excels.

2) Have you ever seen Cool Hand Luke?

Unknown said...

Thanks, I certainly have seen Cool Hand Luke. Sometimes nothing is a pretty cool hand :)