Sunday, September 12, 2010

Flying Cthulhu Robot Monster | Moved | Daytime Alter Ego

Well, you may have guessed by the onslaught of photos and complete lack of verbs that I haven't been around here much lately. Traveling to Germany and back has pulled a lot out of me and change me in many ways. But here's the kicker: I'm reaching my 10 year mark on my career as a Web Developer. That means it's time to change career paths. Next up? Comic Book/Graphic Novel Author. Now, since I'm just starting out, I'm going through a lot of books and training to draw comics--but I'm also keeping up writing. Both are being posted daily on my original blog. And since I've already disrobed the anonymous hood to some degree, I don't mind pulling it back all the way. Here's my daily update blog: Sleeping Outside the Box

Most recently, you will find yesterday's sketch and story of the Flying Cthulhu Robot Monster

As well as posting daily on that blog, I'm uploading my daily drawing to my daytime alter ego's flickr account:

You can also follow my daytime alter ego's twitter account:

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