Sunday, January 4, 2009

100 Word Challenge: Doorway

I'm standing in the doorway, watching over you as you sleep.
You're dreaming of cats that fly through the air, swinging to the ground, stopping to let you grab hold and ride them. Piano keys make music in the background, decorating the landscape in black and white stripes. Your mother dances for you, covered in smiles and shaking her booty. You laugh at the sight of her. I'm herding the flying cats, purring their praises and singing you a pathway through the sky. We sing together.
As you dream, baby girl, remember, I'll always be there to play the piano with you.


Patsy said...

What a very lucky little girl to have a daddy that tells such wonder stories. How lucky she is to have you herd the flying cats and sing a pathway through the sky ---- Beautiful child, wonderful writing.

This made me smile on a day when I needed a smile.

Anonymous said...

SDN, your 100 words always always inspire and touch me. Thank you so much for your continued participation.