Thursday, January 15, 2009

We Live Life Backward

This thought occurred to me shortly after watching the Curious Case of Benjamin Button (a fantastic movie, btw).

These are the facts:
  1. I'm 29 years old
  2. My daughter is 8 months old
  3. I work 40 hours a week, sometimes more
  4. I spend 10 hours a week on the bus, commuting to/fro
  5. I sleep between 42-56 hours a week
  6. When most people retire, their kids are grown up and have moved out
  7. When you retire, you have time to spend with your kids
  8. When you retire, your kids don't want to spend time with you
  9. I want to spend ALL my time with my kid
  10. I want to retire now
I dream of a time in the future, when humankind has reached some enlightened age and we take advantage of our youthful situations, rather than work ourselves old and bitter, having regretted not having the time when we were young. I'm taking the time. Anyone who tries to stop me is going to get a face full of ninja fist.


FilmFather said...

Totally agree with you. I think the last thing any of us wants to do is live a life of regret, especially at the expense of our kids.

Extra kudos for you, a parent of an 8-month-old, getting to watch a movie that's A) a current release, and B) nearly three hours long.

Some Chilean Woman said...

Drive-by blogger...

The picture of the baby made my day...