Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I was going to write something creative and all that but then I got really distracted by this new website called Akoha and I just have to give it my mad-props (kinda like my dope-show only more awesome).

Why is this site cool? Why is it innovative? Why should you request an invite and watch out for people doing philanthropic goodness to you while you wait? Read the Comic

If you haven't seen the movie Pay it Forward, watch it. Yeah, it's a little sappy and goes a little overboard in some ways but it's pretty damn good too. Akoha is a sort of a social network game version of that concept. The truly innovative thing about it is that you print up (or request a deck of) cards that you pass around in real life. When you accomplish missions, you gain Karma points. I've printed up a dozen and I can tell already that this is going to become a major addiction.

The Ninja is pleased.


Anonymous said...

I'm Sean @ Akoha ... just wanted to say thanks for the bigup :D We appreciate it!

PS: I'm getting a kick out of you blog! It's awesome!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the reciprocal props. I had a lot more time when I started this blog so my earliest posts are probably the most entertaining :)