Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fighting Malaise

I'm staring at emails and RSS feeds, projects and plans, goals and ambitions, feeling unaccomplished at my lack of progress in both keeping up with the world and keeping up with myself.
This is the time I've been anticipating. The age of overabundance is upon us.

In my parents age, the news was simple. Anyone could keep up with the latest scientific achievements, political changes, local happenings, without missing a thing.
Today, my RSS feeds are unread in the thousands. I can't keep up with Wired Top News or Science News Daily or Kurzweil AI, let alone the dozens of bloggers and specific tech blogs I follow. Just the number of scientific and programming advancements that happen each day are astounding.

I feel like I'm going to miss the introduction of a dozen massively interesting advancements while I'm fretting over creating things of my own. With so many more scientists and tech savvy people (and more growing every day), our acheivements are errupting from the fountainhead of humanity, ripping appart the spigotts and threatening to flood the cistern. Even swimming in this information is a daunting task.

Ah... Black Butte Porter mixed with a double shot of Kahlua... how much better do I feel now? Time to watch a TED talk and relax. This is as close as I can get right now to 'keeping up'.

These are not the ones I'm watching now (they are older) but they both seem to relate in some twisted way to how I feel right now:

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