Thursday, November 13, 2008

Writing & Rives

Sometimes, I just want to write what comes to mind but I find that no language could express it. I just want to garble and blurb, pound my hands against the keys so you can hear it. I long for the future that promises a decanter for mental imagery. Is that cheating? Just to pour out your thoughts through some electrical wiring and onto a hard drive, or maybe let it float up into the ether so it can dance and meld with other people's thoughts? An open mental space... that's what I want, someday.

Today, I just want you to take a minute to listen to my favorite contemporary stand-up poet, Rives, as he tells you what it would be like if he controlled the internet:

1 comment:

cIII said...

If I controlled the Internet, I'd have It make me Waffles and Espresso.