Saturday, November 22, 2008

Another Evening at the Ninja Fortress

We are watching a movie and a couple of sushi chefs appear on screen.

Sleep Deprivation Ninja: *puts down his Porter and Kahlua* Oh! I want some sushi!

Solar Dancer: *embeds her finger in her empty cider bottle* Let's get some.

SDN: How?

SD: QFC has sushi.

SDN: Oh... yeah... that's smarter than my idea...

SD: What was your idea? Catch a fish...?

SDN: Bundle up the baby and go to DragonFish for happy hour.

SD: Bundle a sleeping baby and drive drunk all the way downtown for happy hour!?

SDN: *laughs* I said your idea was smarter!

SD: So, go to QFC. Or Central Market; they have good sushi.

SDN: Oooh, yeah, they do... But that's far. I can't drive.

SD: Unicycle to QFC.

SDN: Hey, I'm the one without health insurance right now. I can't go unicycling drunk to QFC in the middle of the night to get sushi.

SD: You aren't drunk. You've had, what, half a beer?

SDN: Pssh! Half a beer and at least 1 shot worth of Kahlua. I'm a lightweight, you know that. If I finish this off, I'm down for the night.

SD: Maybe for lunch tomorrow. I think my finger is stuck in the bottle. *she points to the bottle of cider*

SDN: w00t! Sushi for lunch. Hmmm... OH! I've got Cherry Almond Chocolate and Peanut Butter. Dig. My sexy ninja physique is toast.

SD: Sexy toast.

SDN: ?

SD: What are you writing in your blog? I didn't say that. You sexy beast.

SDN: Ninja wins again.

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