Monday, November 10, 2008


When you're teething, everything looks like a gum soothing possibility.

The lacquered wooden table, the rim of a chair, chess pieces, playing cards, headphones, glasses, all are variations on the basic tooth extruding algorithm. In fact, this is a fantastic representation of mechanical adaptation and learning. Code Name Alice grabs something, tests it's basic attributes against a set of requirements such as texture, size and malleability, and, once the object has exhausted all measure of usability, she exchanges it for another. It's a great system and I applaud her ingenuity but, lately, her audacity is becoming problematic.

Sleep Deprivation Ninja: Hey baby girl! What's up? Ooh, you want to give daddy a hug? Ah, that's the sweetest thing, a nice big hug. AAAAAAHHHH, she's got my neck!

Code Name Alice: Num-num-num!

Solar Dancer: Oh, you're such a baby. Give her up... Hey sweety... ahhhHHGH MA NOBES!

CNA: Num-num-num!

SDN: Um... do you mean nose. It looks like she has your nose.

SD: Mai NOBES!!!

CNA: Num-num-num!

This is more problematic when we try to socialize her with folks her age. She has been trying to eat all her friends... and strangers.

Next ninja lesson for CNA: Bite of Tranquility (it's gentle but effective)

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Kevin McKeever said...

Thing 2 once teethed on an Albert King CD. Gotta cut your teeth on the blues some how, I guess.