Sunday, November 16, 2008

100 Word Challenge: Intuitive

"I'll change her. It's poopy, I just know it," says the father, intuitively.
"It's not poopy; she already pooped today," retorts the mother.
"Oh, great JuJu under the sea! There's more poop than I could have imagined." Points out the father.
Later, the father is heaving the baby into the air, playing rocket ships. The baby is laughing, going up and down and around, upside-down over the fathers head.
"She is going to puke on you." Says the mother.
"She isn't going to puke on me. I can see it in her eyes. She's having a ball." Says the father, intuitively.
*Blaugh!* Says the baby, sickeningly.


VV said...

hehehehe, this one gave me a good laugh. I remember those days. I think I remember that exact day. ;)

Patsy said...

LOL How many wives have said thos words to a husband to have that exact same thing happen to him. We do know what we are talking about.
This (in my opinion) was the best.

Anonymous said...

Oh jeebus sounds like a blast. Really makes me want poopy, smelly, pukey kids of my own. The imagery is enough to warn me off, thanks.

Mary said...

Too funny. I love your writing style!