Sunday, November 2, 2008


EDIT: The first part of this post is no longer available due to reasons I cannot divulge without causing further upset.

I do not want it from a cow.
I do not want it with a sow.
I do not want it in a house.
I do not want it from a mouse.
I do not want it here or there.
I do not want it anywhere.
I do not want your mammal juice.
I do not want it, silly moose.
ADDENDUM: In this version of the classic Dr. Seuss story, the protagonist finally succumbs to the demands of the silly moose, only to have his heart begin an arrhythmic pulse and suddenly stop. Our hero dies for defying his principles and succumbing to peer pressure.


Andrea's Sweet Life said...

Oh my, I'd love to see who is trying to force breast milk down your gullet.

It's not PETA is it? Those crazy breast milk ice cream pushers.

Captain Dumbass said...

I think I see a new employment possiblity for you.

Anonymous said...

"...prevent further upset"

We had a similar conversation in my house. Just breathe, and let it go.