Sunday, October 12, 2008

100 Word Challenge: Adjustment

"I think what we need here is an adjustment."

"What kind of mint is a Just Mint?"

"No, no, um... it's not a Just Mint; it's an Ad-justment."

"Oh. What kind of mint is an Adjust Mint? Does it have orange in the middle?"

"Uh, no, there's no orange at all..."

"Is it like an Advertise Mint. I don't like them. I don't like Govern Mints or Punish Mints either."

"Well, I guess it's kinda like all those things in that none of them are actually mints, but..."

"Ok. No adjustment then."

"It sounds like we're having a disagreement."

"You can have a Disagree Mint. I don't want any."


Mr Lady said...

Can I offer you an anti-establish mint?

steenky bee said...

A condi-mint? I'm not sure exactly what that is. It's all I got. Sorry. I love your challenges. If I flatter you will you overlook my lameness?

Unknown said...

I've actually seen Condom mints.

Allison said...

Condom mints---the Coneheads' favorite candy! :-D