Sunday, October 26, 2008

Kids and Drugs

When I play with Code Name Alice, I sometimes have flashbacks to high school drug trips.

We're on the couch and she's laying on my chest, giggling.

"Check this out." She psychically projects, "I can eat your shirt."

"Hahahahutha... you're eating my shirt... hahaha."
"huthuthuthahahahah.... I'm eating your shirt... hahahahahaha!"

I start shaking my head back and forth with reckless abandon, making farting noises with my lips. "Hahaha... I can move my head from side to side..."
"hahauhtthuuthhahahthuth! That's the funniest thing ever! haha. I can't stop laughing."

"huthut.... Dude..."

"Hahahahahahahahahahahah... you said dude! hahahahahahahahah."

"Oh, I'm loosing it."

We digress into creatures that can only laugh as a form of communication.

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