Tuesday, October 14, 2008

This Just in: Advertisements Lie

I'm not one to frequent MySpace, but I'm working on a MySpace app for my work and, in testing it, I happened to glance over in the corner of the page and notice this:

Wait, that looks like Jared™! <- sellout. Wait... quick google images search. That is Jared™! <- lying sellout

I'm also not one to go to Subway® very often but there is one right by my office and I walk by it nearly everyday. From the street, a passerby is confronted by a massive photo of skinny Jared™ <- bitch-ass sellout. I've noticed his smile has gone soft over the years. He looks sad now or maybe annoyed. He wears a "take the damn picture" face.

And, now I find out that this guy totally lied. The truth has been hiding in an internet ad. He didn't lose all that weight eating sandwiches; he was drinking juice! Sweet, gut cleaning, pee inducing juice.

Now it all makes sense.


ChurchPunkMom said...

makes sense.
you just can't lose that much weight eating a diet so rich in carbs..

steenky bee said...

I never trusted Jared. He had a porn ring going on in college. Don't believe me? Google that sh*t. I can't make that up.

cIII said...

Subway should be punishment for Shoplifting. It's the smell of Bread baking. That always smells great. But the End Product is a Charlatan. Charade youAre Subway!

I see through your bullshit, Subway.