Monday, October 20, 2008

Back to Work

When making a costume for Saturday's Halloween party, I figured I should make something useful. At the end of the night, I had 2 one dollar bills, a bunch of change (totaling $3.73), 3 suckers, a cigarette and a condom (unused), all crammed into that little almond tin. I never knew it could be so easy.

Well, now I'm off to work.


Captain Dumbass said...

Awesome! You should hit the streets now. Well, maybe the malls. The rain will wreck that sign pretty quick.

Unknown said...

I think I'm going to wear it down to Halloween at the Harbor in Seattle. It's some event that all the harbor-side shops are putting together. Maybe I'll make some good cash :)

FilmFather said...

Helluva collection you made there. At least the condom was unused; you know how those office parties can get.

Your collection reminds of another interesting combo...back one summer during college, my two buddies and I were at a Phar-Mor, where Buddy 1 was purchasing Swisher Sweets cigars and a pack of gum. Buddy 2 wanted a box of condoms, but was too embarrassed to buy them, so Buddy 1 put them in his pile. As the young checkout girl looked at Buddy 1's odd pile of merch, he said with a straight face, commanding voice, and gesturing hands, "Wrap this stuff up quick -- I've got a BIG night ahead of me!"

cIII said...

Before you go to the Harbor, I would upgrade to a Coffee can. Think of the Booty you would get.

And. I'm sorry for using a Pirate word.

Robin said...

I just had to explain your picture to my 14 year old son. He didn't understand at first but once I explained he said, Oh Mi Gosh! Cool!