Sunday, September 7, 2008

100 Word Challenge: Fusion

Come on into the Cipher Citadel, the code-corner of the continent. Scientists are creating the new crypto-cracking machine, an autistic cyborg.

Steam galvanizing fissures fill the flesh, lest any part be left fusionless, regressed. The imagination is caressed with unnatural neural networks. Steel runs through open pores, molding into nano-enhanced capillary tunnels, funnels of liquid information and electrical current capturing finesse. This is a new world. A dreaming machine unfurled. Broken up and torn apart, reborn with a heart. Pneumatic neurons in the arms and legs think outside of the mind, distributing data. Listen. It’s the sound of a cipher breaking.


Mr Lady said...

Who knew ninjas could be so sciency?

steenky bee said...

I have no snarky comments for your 100 word challenges. They are always so beautifully written and fluid.