Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Badass Daddy Blogger Calendar + Golden Shuriken Awards

...and now a post in two parts, pending nomination for the most links ever....

The Calendar

Ok, so... Mr. Lady semi-burst my bubble by telling me that they already have a 'Hot Daddy Blogger' calendar, but then I was like, "Oh, but do they have a Badass Daddy Blogger calendar? That's what I'm talkin' about!"

"So, who will be in this calendar?" she asks--I'm paraphrasing to omit potentially embarrassing dialog from the quote.

"Oh, well, definitely Black Hockey Jesus, Mike from The Newborn Identity, Sleep Deprivation Ninja :), hmmm.... I need to expand my list...."

"BusyDad will totally do it...." She offers.

Right. So here's the challenge: Who would you nominate to be in a Badass Daddy Blogger Calendar, to debut at BlogHer 2009, filling our pockets with gold and our phone books with the numbers of screaming fans.... er, that sounded better in my head... Oh, well, now just because the nominee has to be badass doesn't mean he can't also be "hot". I mean, obviously--look who is already on the list.

This is my brainstorm list so far (alphabetically):

Black Hockey Jesus
Captain Dumbass (Us & Them)
cIII (Goat and Tater)
Cynical Dad (Chag)
Dad Gone Mad (Danny Evans)
Mike (Newborn Identity)
Sleep Deprivation Ninja

...welcoming suggestions.

The Awards

I finally got around to making some Ninja awards for some of the kick-ass wordsmiths out there. If you don't get mentioned, don't feel bad, it doesn't mean you suck; it just means I forgot about you or ran out of time writing this...because you suck? No, no, stop thinking like that! You are a very special person and people like you. And maybe I'll mention you next time.... or not.

Of course, anyone mentioned above is welcome to these badges and certainly would spawn a nice dissertation on badassery as they all do KILL. But I won't mention all of them explicitly. They all deserve the Golden Shuriken Award, which is the highest honor a blogger can receive. No, really, the shuriken awards are safely stowed on top of the tallest temple in the Universe. You can't even get there without a spaceship. These awards are Cheech & Chong high.

But I would like to explicitly mention and award the following kick-ass bloggers:

Mr. Lady:
This girl deserves the Golden Shiruken because she's flirty like a school girl awesome. With a blog titled Whiskey in My Sippy Cup, she doesn't mess around. This is on serious alcoholic blogger. She rocks the ninja socks. Nuff said.

Black Hockey Jesus:
Can you give this man enough kudos? No, the ego only consumes them like a black hole. Hmmm... Black Hole Jesus. That would rule. "I am the savior of your soul.... and I will eat it, ssssssssllllllluuuuuuurrrrrrpppppppp!" Ok, I don't know where that came from. That was trippy. I think I just channeled some BHJ... But seriously! This guy is the reason I started this blog. I figured if Black Hockey Jesus can use his parenting as an excuse to live out his dream of being a writer, SDN can do the same, right? Hell yes, bitches. Oh, and he's a fucking hilarious, insightful literary master. dig it.

If you are reading this, you probably already read the Newborn Identity. If not, go read it. This guy is a real awesome dad. He's got my respect. He's also funny and clever like a rabid badger who cares.

Jenny the Bloggess:
What is this SDN? These bloggers are all famous. The Bloggess is the freaking Bloggess! WTF? Do you think we live in a cave? Or is this just a sly but not so subtle ruse to try to get the Bloggess of all people to put an SDN badge on her site? SDN, you should be ashamed of yourself.
You're right... But I love her.... not in a creepy way... really.

Captain Dumbass:
This guy is the real thing. Funny, creative, genius. And he posts a lot of nice photos that are worthy of viewing.

Word in-fucking-deed.

Well, that's all for now. There are just too many badasses out there to blag on about. So, if I mentioned you in this post, choose your poison below to display your badassery (and to show you care):

White Badge:

Black Badge:

Sassy Communist Red Badge:


GeekMommy said...

Unless I'm mistaken, Mr. Lady is... the Hot Blogger calendar is hot *MALE* blogger and hot *FEMALE* blogger...
There's nothing in there about parenthood!!

That said I will TOTALLY support this effort and buy more than one copy (for friends! no really! ;)) next year at BlogHer!!

Of course, I do kind of have to nominate Backpacking Dad, b/c he actually braved BlogHer this year - and so rules! :)

But you've got a great list going!! :)

Unknown said...

Whoah! they aren't even moms and dads? Shazam! This is going to be a hit.

Pam said...

ha ha love the 'sassy communist' badge

steenky bee said...

Right on. You couldn't have picked better guys. Captain Dumbass rules. Unless he has a man-cold. Then he just drools.

Mr Lady said...

SDN said bitches AND fucking?

Oh, I love being a naughty influence.

cIII said...

I didn't even know that They made Ninja Swimsuits.
Speedo for Ninja. Choice.

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

Ha! Love it.

How about Jeff @ View From the Cloud?

Mr Lady said...

PS: My name is MISTER Lady and I write a dad blog. Just saying, you know, if you need a Mr November of something....

BusyDad said...

I'm on that other one, but if you're cool with me whoring myself on more than one, then I'll gladly lend my badass self to this project. Mr Lady knows a good whore when she sees one.

BusyDad said...

Can Mr Lady and I share a page as Stark Raving Dads?

Captain Dumbass said...

Wow. Do we only get to pick one badge or can we use all of them? Whatever, I'm totally using all of them. I feel like I should be writing something really profound and all, but the alcohol, anti-histamines and cold medication I'm using to fight my ebola are really kicking my ass. Ooh. Only 10:30am. I didn't really mean the alcohol, heh heh, that would be wrong.

Thanks Ninja. I don't know about 'hot' daddy blogger, but I think my tattoo's can qualify me for 'badass.' Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to look over that list you put me in again and mix myself a stiff Tylenol cocktail.

Unknown said...

OK, Mr. Lady and BusyDad together. no reason to be sexist. And she is badass.

Unknown said...

Oh, and thanks @bloggess for the tip on Jeff @ View From the Cloud

and @Captain Dumbass. Take what you will, but beware, the Sassy Communist Red one might get you put on a no-fly list...oh, wait, that was last time we fought a war that had no end...

Chris said...

I'm up for a calendar! As long as I don't have to give a picture of myself.

Kind of defeats the whole purpose, though.

Unknown said...

@chag I guess you could just submit a baby photo or a picture of a duck or something... I'm just making up the rules as I go... in fact, there are no rules. I'll just put your name in 6pt font in the middle of a white page... then people will be all, "what does that say... hey, that cynical dad is all mysterious...that's badass..."