Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What's the Dilly, Yo?

I have been trying to come up with a consistent schedule for my different types of posts.
This is my tentative plan for each day of the week, which I've already been trying to keep:

Sun: 100 Word Challenge
----- I have been keeping up with the weekly 100 word challenges from Velvet Verbosity and I will continue to do so until I receive gobs of hate-mail... and then I will probably still continue.

Mon: ?
----- Something random and unexpected. Maybe I'll beat up some deserving bastard or infiltrate some wicked organization.

Tue: ?
----- Probably a rant or an update on something relevant to current affairs. Or maybe just some novelty like this post.

Wed: Wordless Wednesday

----- This is where I will post random pictures of my daughter from the week before, so all you parents out there can gush over how adorable Code Name Alice is. I'll also, occasionally, toss in a couple of more random pictures I've taken (non baby related)

Thu: ?
----- Another undecided rant from the week.

Fri: Ninja as Child
----- This is the autobiographical part of this blog. I write these with the hopes that someday my daughter will read them and understand my childhood. Also, if I go crazy and forget everything, it will keep a nice record. Unlike my other posts, which begin with reality and sometimes digress into dream or fantasy, these are true to my memories...usually.

Sat: Exploits of Ninja & Child
----- These are my Ninja Quests and adventures with my daughter. Lots of fun.

There will also be the occasional Haiku Holiday as well as other guest topics that randomly barge in. For the most part, though, this schedule should hold true.

If you totally hate my lineup or want to suggest something, comment away.


steenky bee said...

Wow. Who knew ninjas were so organized? Well, I guess that makes sense. I'm totally down with the line up. Yay for the Code Name Alice pics.

Also, can I just tell you I have a special place for Code Name Alice in my heart. That is the very name of my Grandma.

Captain Dumbass said...

The line up is pretty sound. I've been trying to keep to a schedule as well, but since I'm only using Thursday and Friday it's not that hard.

I have a suggestion though. Have you ever heard of Blurb? It's an online publishing site. You could make your pics and your Exploits of Ninja & Child into a book for Code Named Alice when she gets older. I did one for my kids and it was pretty easy and looks great. Just a thought.

cIII said...

Sounds very Ninja. And since you're the one with the razor sharp Katana; what SDN says, goes.

In the immortal words of Digital Underground.......
"Do whatcha Like"
I'm gonna keep reading regardless.

Unknown said...

Oooh, I'm checking out Blurb. Nice.

Robin said...

Dude. No. Seriously. I thought you were different. That's what every blogger does. Keep it random (except for the 100 word challenge. Totally dig that).

You are too unique to go on a schedule. Don't cave to the norm. You are the Sleep Dep Ninja. Randomness is yo thing.