Friday, August 22, 2008

100 Word Challenge: Faster

The neon-synth populous drinks elixir made from rainforest frog saliva. It carries our fantasies to fruition upon the lamp-lit phosphorescence we call dreams, visions, sacred moments of inhibition. We dance to the music of the modern mystic, the digital shaman, broadcast bright, symphonies of light, binary beeps and photon pulses. Tune in, zone out, dig it. It’s all abstractions and mental mischief, merging our ideas into syncopated steps. Adrenaline pumping, skin touching, blood rushing, it all blends in and bleeds out faster and more furious until finally it crashes into a frenzied crescendo and POP.


steenky bee said...

I feel like I just intruded on something very private and beautiful.

VV said...

The singularity, now that shit just scares me. I'm moving to the Amazon to live in the few remaining trees if that happens.

VV said...

Oh, and p.s., that was amazing.