Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunday Search Engine Spelling

So, Solar Dancer constantly asks me how to spell words. Typically, I tell her what I think it is or I tell her to ask Google since it does spell correction/suggestion. Sometimes, I'm at my computer though and I instinctively type her word into Google myself, without thinking about what will come up.

Solar Dancer: "How do you spell 'erection', one or two 'r's?"
Sleep Deprivation Ninja: "Uh, one 'r'...I think..." doubting myself and typing into Google without thinking, I hit enter:
SDN: "Oh, I did not need to type that into Google!" I close the search tab with the auto-generated image results on top, the one on the right sporting a massive and oddly shaped hard-on, projecting skyward like it's about to raise a flag. "That just went on my permanent Google search record. Damn."

This happens more often than it should (not for the same word, mind you). The really sad part about it is that I know how to spell the word, but I feel more certain if I see it written down. Since the search box is right there, it's a bad habit.

So, readers, what's the craziest, most idiotic, embarrassing thing you've ever typed into a search engine? Don't worry, I won't judge. I'm right there with you.

That's it, a lazy Sunday post. It's nice and hot outside, I'm going swimming.


Mr Lady said...

Dicks on Dicks.

Think I'm kidding? I'm not.

Tootsie Farklepants said...

I wrote a term paper for my college Sociology Crimes and Deviance course and part of it was about sexual abuse. I can't remember the exact terms I entered but many of the results were less abuse and more porny.

Jenni said...

A friend of mine was trying to grow a beard, and it was not going well. It looked splotchy and awful. So, I wanted to find a photo of a man with a good beard and send it to him as a kind of "ha, ha, you're beard will never look this good." So I did a seard for "bearded men" or something like that and got all these bearded man porn sites (lots of them gay) so I'm forever tagged in google as a beard fetishist.

For the record, the beards were glorious, but the porn was NOT HOT. And yes, I totally check it out, because, seriously, what the crap is beard porn?

steenky bee said...

I work in the Architectural industry. I capatilize that word because the guys I work with think they worked so hard to get where they are that they deserve a little extra credit, damnit. Sorry, it's a habit. Anyway, I love it when I get to see the words "steel erection" on some plans. Doesn't it just sound like a cheesy 80s band name? My second favorite is "butt weld" I cannot make this stuff up, my friend.

Unknown said...

Wow, @jenboglass, that's exactly why I wrote this post and asked. That's some awesome blueprinting. I digg.
And @jenni, one of my coworkers, the other day, put up a photo of his girlfriend wearing a watch on Flickr and some dude asked him to share the photo in a Flickr "watch fetish" group. Funky shit. Think of anything and it's garunteed to get someone off.