Saturday, August 2, 2008

Blogger Kudos

Just a quick late night post to express my gratitude for all the kudos.
I have to admit, modest as I am, I had to run up the stairs and do a happy ninja dance yesterday after seeing all those awesome comments on my first post.

Sleep Deprivation Ninja: "People like my writing!"
Solar Dancer: "um, yeah..."
SDN: *dances a jig* "Black Hockey Jesus wrote a special note about it! And someone snorted diet coke and another got hiccups... and Jenny, the Bloggess said she sleeps better at night knowing I'm out there." *ninja grin*
Solar Dancer: "Wow, they're like... famous..."

Special thanks to Black Hockey Jesus for starting the chain--and for being the inspiration that started this blog in the first place. Thanks to Jenny, the Bloggess for just being hilarious and thanks to everyone else for having good taste. Sleep Deprivation Ninja also has good taste and will be reading your blogs. \m/


Mr Lady said...

I totally peed my pants. Admittedly, it had less to do with you than it did the three people who thought it fitting to use my uterus as a trampoline, but still. There was urine.

Jasper Mockingbard said...

The blogging world needs the Sleep Deprivation Ninja!

steenky bee said...

Dude, you're going to be famous!

Tootsie Farklepants said...

You totally had me at \m/