Friday, August 15, 2008

Exploits of Ninja & Child - #2 - Transcending Space

On the sea of Epiphany, Ninja and Child are floating, swaying, rolling with the waves. The wind, like the water, smells fresh, smooth, pure. Birds begin to fly overhead in the evening mist. Land must be near.

The raft is made of algae and fish bones and hundreds of bottles found floating in the open sea. The fish were ensnared cleverly by the seaweed, which Sleep Deprivation Ninja and Code Name Alice ate with fierce but temperate hunger. Some of the seaweed served as wrapping for the sashimi, but without rice, it was nothing like sushi. The bottles appeared one by one, traveling aimlessly, filled with messages which the ninja left unread. This quest has but one purpose.

"Daddy?" Code Name Alice looks up from Sleep Deprivation Ninja's chest and into his eyes. She is so beautiful. The wild ocean air twists in her long, spiked-up hair. The breeze bends to her will. She is so powerful.

"Yes, Pearly Pea?" The ninja lowers his firm guard for a moment to enjoy his company and the safety of the sea. He detects only a few simple dangers, easily dispatched if they choose to come forth. The birds may be hungry; they are but feathered origami to be unfolded. The waves might try to swallow them; they will remain afloat. A large creature might come forth from the abyss; the chances are slim.

"Daddy, where are we going?"

"We must find an opening in space, love. We are going to go into the fourth dimension." The ninja angles his hands in a magnificent display of multidimensional representations.

"You mean Time, daddy? Isn't time passing through us?"

"Time does pass through us, baby girl, but I mean the fourth spatial dimension. We are going to the place where cubes become tesseracts, hypercubes, where all platonic solids show a higher form as hypersolids. That is where we will find Lucy's ghost."

"Lucy's ghost?"

"Yes, Sugar Star. You know Lucy, Black Hockey Jesus's baby girl. She has a ghost haunting her in a higher dimension. We can't get to it from here but in the fourth dimension we can grab one of its limbs and sever it. The beast most likely lives up in even higher dimensions but one level up should be enough. For it to reach into our dimension, it will have to expose much more of itself in each dimension between us."

"There are more than four spatial dimensions, daddy?"

"Oh, yes, there are many more. You will spend many years contemplating space. You don't have to worry about all of it now. When we get there, just hold on to me. Nothing can hurt you when you are with me. Keep your good humor; we will need your Laughter Lance to battle this ghost."

"OK, daddy, I'm feeling tired again. Wake me when we get to the fourth dimension."

Sleep Deprivation Ninja holds his baby girl and stares at the evening sky. The night grows dark and the birds begin to break away.

This is the place; this is the time. With his free hand, the ninja draws a cube in the air. It floats, held by the mist and balanced in the stars. Contemplating this, the ninja forces the cube to bend, to stretch, to reach beyond its 3 dimensional limits and unveil the hidden layers beneath. As it folds and unfolds itself, round and round, the water beneath begins to open up, the raft begins to grow vertically, but not into the air, rather down, into the water. The sky shifts and curves. The waves form fractal patterns that grow like ferrofluid, dancing to the electrical beat of some silent rave, pulsing in the water.

A lingering bird stares down at what remains of the raft, its hopeful meal. The ninja and child have distorted into slim segments of their former visages. The raft, a once salivating treat of fish bones and algae, now merely appears as a twig. As ninja and child skew out of view, only the ghostly hypercube remains drawn in the fog and now solidified, revealing a window to a higher plane.

Ninja and child vanish.

Tune in next week for more adventures of Ninja and Child. Same ninja blog, same ninja URL


Captain Dumbass said...

I was going to suggest you and SDN start working on a screen play, but Hollywood would never touch it. Cowards. Bollywood might as they have the spirit and the people, but they'd try to make it into a musical. Special effects would have to be handled by a combination of Industrial Light & Magic/Pixar, only by working together could they hope to manifest your combined imaginations. Even then the results would paltry and cheap.

Jon said...

Dude that's crazy. You're messing with space & shit. Trippy.

Seriously Brenda said...

Here's hoping that someday you can use your ninja space/time travel powers over here and get my three year old to take a nap...

Anonymous said...

I love the cube/more than cube.

Tuesday Girl said...

Hmm. But can you do the running man? That is the question.

Unknown said...

I am the running man

Captain Dumbass said...

My original comment would have made a lot more sense if I'd written Black Hockey Jesus rather than suggesting you make a movie with yourself. But look at the time, man! It was 5:38am. I am not a ninja.

Anonymous said...

I've decided that when I should be writing but tend towards procrastination, the best motivator for switching gears is to read your blog.

I'm damned glad we have drastically different writing styles: you with your magical realism and post-modern references to pop culture and psychedelic science fiction; otherwise I would be experiencing jealousy over your superior literary wit, rather than [the more socially acceptable] envy at seeing someone with an exceptional skill set (and a relative no less....and a younger brother no less).....

Unknown said...

thanks Silas. I keep telling myself to write a book. It's nice that you've already written one--keeps me motivated. One of these days... but the blog is a first step: write everyday.