Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Fits of Laughter

Code Name Alice has started laughing. And I mean laughing. She giggles and cackles in little unstoppable fits that go on for ten to twenty minutes.

She smiled on her 3rd day, the first day home from the hospital. I laid her down on the changing table and she looked at me with a wide grin. It wasn't gas. She held it for a full minute--long enough to snap some pictures:

So, now, It's morning and I'm putting her pants on. Half way up, she looks at me and fills with endorphins. Her arms flail in their usual manner and her head toggles left and right, without taking her eyes off of me. It's as if her body wants her to look all around the room, but her eyes are glued to an invisible line between us. She giggles, her little tongue bouncing out and darting back in. Did you know that endorphins are contagious?

Everything falls away. It's just the two of us laughing chaotically, harmoniously, feeding off of each other.

Code Name Alice: "Daddy! haha, hehe, hoo... did you. haha.... know... aaaah-hahaha ... you have a face? tnee-heehe-nnna. That is sooo... heehee-hee.. fuuunnieeee .... hehe-weeeeee"
Sleep Deprivation Ninja: "Haha! you think my face is ...haha-heee... funny. hah-heh-huh. You should see yours!"
CNA+SDN: "haha-hut-ha-gooooooo....hehehe..."

We carry on and on. Work does not exist. Chores vanish. Worldly woes? gone. There is nothing but the present.

We begin life so enlightened, with the power to make all troubles vanish simply by smiling, curing all ills with a simple belly laugh.


Jenni said...

They change everything, don't they?

Anonymous said...

You're making me sad for those days.. You captured that beautifully.

Captain Dumbass said...

They are so wonderful at that age, before they turn into feral animals. Don't get me wrong, mine are still wonderful, I just worry they are trying to kill me.

Jenny, the Bloggess said...


cIII said...

There is no doubt that the wee ones' laughter is contagious. I rarely make it through dinner w/out something coming out of my nose.

Mike said...

Outstanding! You totally captured how it is for our kids at this age (I think our kids are generally the same age).

I just fear when they say, "Ugh, Dad, you are SO LAME!!!" I know my sister said the equivelant, and if my little bear says that to me I don't know what I'll do. Shout "GO TO YOUR ROOM!!!" Nah, too cliched. Something...